Saturday Night Live

SNL: Leslie Jones rips into Alabama, Georgia abortion laws

Leslie Jones on "SNL."
Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Leslie Jones in the "Saturday Night Live" season finale tore into conservative states that are spearheading restrictive abortion laws — while dressed as a handmaid for the "Weekend Update" segment.

Details: The SNL regular displayed a T-shirt stating "MINE" with an arrow pointing downward, and she labeled the anti-abortion drive a "war on women." Jones told those affected by the ban that she and other women "got your back." She addressed the 25 white men who voted for Alabama's abortion bill and declared, "You can't tell me what to do with my body."

SNL: Alec Baldwin's Trump leads musical extravaganza in season finale

The "SNL" season finale cold open.
Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump to lead a musical extravaganza in the "Saturday Night Live" cold open in the final episode of season 44.

Details: Robert De Niro appeared as special counsel Robert Mueller as the cast sang a parody of Queen’s "Don’t Stop Me Now" to say he had "something very important" to tell the American people. But Baldwin butted in to exclaim, "No obstruction, no collusion."