Startup raises $7.5 million to make strawberry-picking robots

Photo: Creative Touch Imaging/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Advanced Farm Technologies, a California developer of strawberry-harvesting robots, today announced $7.5 million in venture capital funding led by Yamaha Motor Ventures & Lab.

Why it matters: Automation is the future of fields, particularly as immigration crackdowns and an array of socio-economic factors have made it much harder for farms to find seasonal workers.

Tackling the task of deploying and routing self-driving cars

A robot driving a car
Photo: Erik Dreyer/Getty Images

Automated vehicles, when they are ready, won't magically deploy themselves into robo-taxi services. They will require sophisticated dispatch and routing software like Uber and Lyft use today to match passengers with vehicles and get them to their destination.

Why it matters: Most AV developers don't specialize in routing. They're focused on the AI and robotics necessary for vehicles to drive themselves.