Apple-Qualcomm legal fight sharpens

Illustration of Apple logo with Qualcomm logos
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

The two sides may not be talking to one another, but some sort of resolution to the giant Apple-Qualcomm legal dispute may be getting closer as more courts weigh in on the matter. That said, who's winning depends entirely upon who you ask.

Why it matters: Should Apple prevail, the battle could lead to dramatic changes in how Qualcomm licenses its patents and sells its chips, which are widely used in high-end smartphones.

Tim Cook says Apple will bolster health offerings this year

 Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple.
Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC on Tuesday that the company will roll out more services to its growing healthcare footprint this year, adding that health will be the tech giant’s "greatest contribution to mankind."

The big picture: Though Cook didn't offer any specifics, the company has recently been investing in health and wellness programs through the Apple Watch, adding features that can monitor users' heart rates and detect falls. Apple has also hired dozens of doctors, an indication of its broader health care aspirations.

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