Police detain nearly 1,000 protesters in France as tensions continue

Yellow vest protestors
Yellow vest protestors. Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Nearly 1,000 "yellow-vest" protesters in France have been detained by authorities, and another 135 injured, who are demonstrating against the government's decision to raise fuel tax — a decision that has since been suspended, the Associated Press reports.

Details: Anti-government protests in Paris have been boiling for more than a week with protestors calling for French President Emmanuel Macron to step down. There are an estimated 10,000 yellow vest protestors in Paris on Saturday with a total of 125,000 around the country.

James A. Fields found guilty on all charges in Charlottesville car attack

The car used by James Fields to attack protestors
The car used by James Fields to attack protestors. Photo: Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images

Jurors found James Fields guilty on all charges, including first degree murder, after he struck and killed Heather Heyer with his vehicle as she was counter protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville last year, the Washington Post reports.

Details: Fields' sentencing hearing will follow on Monday where he could face life in prison. Prosecutors said Fields was enraged when he drove through the crowd, and revealed an Instagram post saying "You have a right to protest, but I'm late for work" that he shared three months before the crash.

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