Nike to protect pregnant athletes following backlash

Nike store
Photo: Frederic J. Brown /AFP/Getty Images)

Nike announced it is changing company policies to ensure that female athletes who become pregnant are better protected and aren't penalized, reports Bloomberg.

Why it matters: For runners, endorsement contracts make up the bulk of their incomes, and they must meet specific thresholds for compensation that could be unachievable if pregnant, reports the New York Times.

Most U.S. deaths from pregnancy complications are preventable

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60% of U.S. deaths from pregnancy-related complications were found to be preventable, the CDC announced Tuesday.

Why it matters: Public health officials have been grappling with the knowledge that the U.S. continues to have one of the highest maternal death rates despite being one of the biggest economies in the world. It also has an implicit racial bias as black and American Indian/Alaska Native women were 3 times more likely to die than white women.