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Former Pope blames the sexual revolution, secularism for abuse in Catholic Church

Retired Pope Benedict XVI
Photo: Tiziana Fabi/Getty Images

Former Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter published on Thursday blaming the sexual abuse scandals that have plagued the Catholic Church on the sexual revolution of the 1960s and insufficient laws to protect priests.

Details: The letter is broken up into 3 sections: The first focusing on the sexual revolution of 1968, which includes the normalization of pedophilia, according to the Pope; the second section speaks to the negative impacts of structural changes in the Catholic Church and the third part advocates for a return to faith. Pope Benedict resigned in 2013 after being accused of covering up sexual abuse by priests, reports BBC.

Pope Francis calls on Catholic Church to support women's rights

Pope Francis.
Pope Francis. Photo: Simon Kremer/picture alliance via Getty Images

Pope Francis urged the Catholic Church to be attentive to women’s "legitimate claims" for equality and justice in a letter released on Tuesday, acknowledging that the institution has a long history of "male authoritarianism, domination, various forms of enslavement" and sexual abuse of women and children, per the AP.

Yes, but: Pope Francis also noted that the Church cannot agree with "everything some feminist groups propose" — a clear reference to the Vatican's ban on a female priesthood — and he stopped short of recommending improvements for women’s roles in the Church.