Local police increasingly clash with federal law enforcement on body cameras

In this image, the Atlanta police chief speaks into a microphone from behind a podium.
Atlanta Chief of Police Erika Shields. Photo: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Local police are increasing their use of body cameras, which often puts them at odds with the federal agents they work with — who "never wear body cameras," the Washington Post reports.

The big picture: A 2018 Justice Department survey found that 47% general-purpose law enforcement agencies had acquired body cameras by 2016. 80% of the largest local police departments, which employ 500 or more full-time sworn officers, had acquired body cameras by that time.

Violence erupts in Memphis after federal marshals fatally shoot black man

Memphis police car
Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

A protest followed the fatal shooting of a black man in Memphis, Tenn., quickly escalating into a violent clash between residents and law enforcement on Thursday, reports AP.

Context: Federal marshals fatally shot 20-year-old Brandon Webb on Wednesday during a confrontation in which Webb allegedly rammed his car repeatedly into the marshals' vechile, per the Washington Post. Webb reportedly had a weapon and several felony warrants for his arrest — one for the violent theft of a car, another for drug dealing.