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Spotify set to overtake Pandora by 2022

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A new forecast from eMarketer predicts that Pandora, the most popular music streaming service in the U.S., will see its U.S. user base decline slightly the next couple of years, while Spotify will see double-digit growth this year and next.

The details: In 2018, Pandora will have 75.9 million users in the U.S., compared with 58.4 million for Spotify, eMarketer estimates. But by 2022, Pandora’s user base will dip to 75.3 million users, while Spotify’s will swell to 76.7 million.

Pandora teams up with Snapchat to share music

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Pandora is partnering with Snapchat to stream music on the app via its new developer tool, Snap Kit.

Why it matters: It's an example of how Snap's developer tools can be used to link Snap to other apps that users engage with frequently. This partnership will expand music discovery on both platforms.