White House tries to reassure Palestinians over Trump's peace plan

Jason Greenblatt. Photo: Jaafar Aashtiyeh/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump's special envoy for Middle East peace said today that the forthcoming White House peace plan won't be "a sell out" for the Palestinians.

Between the lines: With the end of the Israeli elections, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's victory, the release of the White House peace plan could be imminent. Jason Greenblatt's public message was directed at the Palestinian leadership in an attempt to stress that the plan won't be as bad as they fear.

Airbnb will not remove listings from the West Bank

Israeli settlements in the West Bank region
Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images

Five months after Airbnb announced the company would be removing their listings from the West Bank, the team has decided not to move forward with the original policy following backlash in Israel and the U.S.

Details: The decision is part of a lawsuit the company settled with hosts and potential hosts. However, Airbnb will not accept any of the profits from the West Bank listings, instead donating the money to humanitarian nonprofits. The company said it will do the same for listings with Abkhazia in South Ossetia, another disputed region.