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YouTube tightens hate speech policies

A screenshot of YouTube with "Hate Speech" in the search bar and results
Screenshot of a search for "Hate Speech" on

YouTube today is announcing three changes designed to limit the posting and spreading of hate speech, even as the Google-owned video site faces fresh complaints it is allowing such content to flourish.

Why it matters: YouTube has been promising to improve both its policies and recommendation algorithms, but big problems persist.

Celebrity video startup Cameo finalizing $300 million valuation

Cameo, a Chicago-based startup that lets fans pay for personalized videos from celebrities, is finalizing a Series B investment at around a $300 million valuation, Axios has learned from multiple sources.

Why it matters: It does sound a bit silly to base a company on video shout-outs from Brett Favre ($500), Flavor Flav ($175), and Disco Cowboy ($2) — but the VC bet is said to be a combination of high growth (the deal was competitive) and a belief that Cameo management has a strong handle on the talent side of the ledger as opposed to just consumer behavior.