Online harassment

Study finds Twitter is a toxic place for female politicians and journalists

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Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images.

Female politicians and journalists were abused on Twitter every 30 seconds in 2017, according to a report into how women are targeted with hate speech online by Amnesty International and Element AI.

Why it matters: This isn't a new problem. Twitter has faced backlash for not doing enough to curb harassment on its platform before, and has promised to do better. However, progress has yet to show consistent improvement.

The big picture: Twitter is still facing heat for harassment on its platform

View of the headquarters of Twitter, Inc in San Francisco.
Twitter headquarers in San Francisco. Photo: Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images

Over a year ago, Twitter announced new features to curb harassment on its platform, such as hiding abusive replies to tweets, and offering a filter for inappropriate content, among a handful of others.

The big picture: Harassment on Twitter still hasn't stopped, despite the company's promises to combat the problem head-on.

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