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New ride-hail options could help Africa's traffic-clogged megacities

motorbike taxis waiting for passengers in the shade under an overpass
Motorbike taxis in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo: Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP/Getty Images

Africa is the world's fastest urbanizing region, but limited public transit in most cities has led to severely congested roads, creating an acute need for investment and innovation in transportation.

Why it matters: Traffic takes a toll on both economic output and quality of life in Africa's megacities. But with mobile phone penetration approaching 50%, new technology platforms could help motorbike taxis and other services bridge the gaps in the continent's urban transportation systems.

A look inside a Nigerian email scam group active since 2008

Cybersecurity company Agari detailed a newly discovered Nigerian email scam team, dubbed "Scattered Canary," composed of dozens of members, in a new report released Wednesday.

Why it matters: Unlike with criminal hackers and espionage groups, there is not as much research into the taxonomy of actors in email fraud, but since it can siphon off as much as $2 billion each year, it's a threat worth understanding.