Net neutrality repeal

Pelosi says House will introduce bill to restore net neutrality

Nancy Pelosi
Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Congress will introduce a bill on Wednesday to restore net neutrality protections, according to The Hill.

Why it matters: While states have proposed their own laws, the national open internet rules created under the Obama administration were revoked by the FCC back in 2017. Details of the bill have yet to be released, and any bill would not only have to pass a divided Congress, but also gain the approval of President Trump.

Judges press FCC for answers on net neutrality repeal

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in profile
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

A trio of federal judges questioned elements of the Federal Communications Commission's repeal of its own net neutrality rules during a Friday hearing.

Why it matters: It's a key moment in a contentious battle over the future of the repeal, which got rid of a ban on internet service providers blocking the delivery of content, slowing it down or creating fast lanes.

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