Macron says NATO faces "brain death" as U.S. steps back under Trump

Europe is now looking at America differently, according to Macron (R). Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

In a lengthy interview with The Economist, French President Emmanuel Macron referred to NATO as brain dead and questioned whether the alliance is still fit for purpose now that America's commitment has come into question under President Trump.

The big picture: Macron argues that the consensus behind the trans-Atlantic alliance is obsolete, and that Europe will "disappear geopolitically" if it fails to become a unified, effective and far more assertive world power in its own right.

Sanders: "Turkey is not a U.S. ally"

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said during Tuesday night's debate that "Turkey is not a U.S. ally" following its invasion into northern Syria.

"Turkey is not a U.S. ally when they invade another country and engage in mass slaughter. The crisis here, as I think Joe [Biden] said and Pete [Buttigieg] said, is when you begin to betray people, in terms of the Kurds, 11,000 of them died fighting ISIS, 20,000 were wounded."
— Sanders