National Football League (NFL)

NFL to study weed as pain management tool

CBD cream
CBD hemp oil treatment. Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images

Earlier this week, the NFL finally took its first step toward treating marijuana as a pain management tool, rather than a suspension-worthy drug.

Driving the news: The NFL and the NFL Players Association have formed two committees to review the league's use of prescription pain relievers while also researching marijuana and other "alternative therapies."

NFL jersey ads feel inevitable

Illustration of a footbal player with jersey that says your ad here
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Like most professional sports leagues, the NFL focuses a ton of effort on finding and developing new revenue streams. But there's one resource that the league has yet to tap: jersey advertisements.

Why it matters: If every NFL team had a sponsorship patch like the ones you see in the NBA, it could net the league at least $220 million annually in added revenue — and that's an extremely conservative estimate.