Hollywood also feeling the bite from Trump's China trade war

This image shows a row of  billboards in China showing movie posters with Chinese characters for American movies.
Hollywood billboards in Beijing in 2012. Photo: Olivier Chouchana/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

China is restricting Hollywood's access to its box office revenue as the U.S.-China trade war drags on, the Washington Post reports.

Why it matters: The Chinese market is as crucial to U.S. film studios 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Disney, Sony pictures, etc. — as it is to any other U.S. industry. China is projected to have the world's biggest moviegoing audience by 2020, according a PricewaterhouseCoopers study.

More filmmakers build momentum in protest against Georgia's abortion ban

In this image, a crowd of protestors stand outside the the Georgia state capitol building. Many hold signs.
Abortion-rights advocates rally in front of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta on May 21. Photo: Tami Chappel/AFP/Getty Images

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's "fetal heartbeat" abortion ban, the 4th of its kind in the U.S., has sparked a gradual protest of filmmakers in a state known for its heavy hand in the film industry.

What's new: Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger told Reuters that it would be "very difficult" to continue filming in Georgia if the ban goes into effect, and he doubts Disney would seek to film in the state. "I think many people who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to heed their wishes in that regard. Right now we are watching it very carefully."