Mergers and acquisitions

Most hospital markets are highly concentrated

Intermountain hospital building with a sign.
Salt Lake City, where Intermountain is based, is highly concentrated. Photo: George Frey/Getty Images

Almost three-quarters of metropolitan areas had highly concentrated hospital markets in 2016, reflecting an era of rapid consolidation among hospital systems, according to a report from the Health Care Cost Institute.

Why it matters: The more hospitals that have monopolies or oligopolies in their markets, the higher the prices are for patients, which is reflected in the premiums everyone pays.

Hong Kong's stock exchange offers $36.6 billion to acquire London Stock Exchange

A view of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange flag (C) next to the Chinese national flag (2nd L) and the Hong Kong SAR flag (R), outside the exchange offices in Hong Kong.
A view outside the exchange offices in Hong Kong. Photo: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing proposed on Wednesday to acquire the London Stock Exchange for around $39 billion, contingent on the LSE dropping its $27 billion purchase of financial data company Refinitiv from The Blackstone Group and Thomson Reuters.

Why it matters: Both Hong Kong and London are worried about remaining global financial centers, due to the anti-China protests and Brexit. This could either firm up their position or obliterate it.