Medical billing

Courts threaten patients with jail time over unpaid medical bills

Millions of debt collection lawsuits are overwhelming state courts, and almost half are from hospitals and doctor's offices for unpaid medical bills, ProPublica reports.

What's happening: People all over the country are discovering a warrant out for their arrest after unknowingly missing a court date. Even if they are able to pay the debt, bail is posted instead.

A major hospital system is building its own electronic health record

Exterior photo of Long Island Jewish Medical Center hospital with trees and grass in foreground.
Northwell Health's teaching hospital in New Hyde Park, New York. Photo: Northwell Health

Northwell Health, one of the biggest not-for-profit hospital systems in the country, is planning to develop its own system for electronic medical records, with the ultimate goal of selling the technology to other hospitals and clinics.

Why it matters: Physicians, nurses and others generally dislike most of the existing electronic health record systems. But this is an unusually proactive effort from a hospital system to actually solve those problems.