The price of convenience and coolness for men's prescription drugs

Men are paying highly inflated prices for erectile-dysfunction and hair-loss drugs sold on the internet by startups like Hims Inc. and Roman Health Medical, Bloomberg reports.

What's happening: The generic drugs are sold at a premium in exchange for cool packaging and the convenience of an online doctor visit to obtain the prescription.

Hospitals are still defending "cost-shifting"

A hospital bed and equipment in an empty patient room.
A patient room at Massachusetts General Hospital. Photo: David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Our recent analysis of hospital finances showed many of the largest tax-exempt hospitals are faring quite well even as they care for more people with government insurance.

The big picture: Hospitals have long argued they have to charge patients with commercial insurance more to make up for the lower payments they receive from Medicare and Medicaid, a theory known as "cost-shifting." But evidence suggests that theory doesn't hold any weight.