McKesson's $150 million price tag for future opioid lawsuits

McKesson dropped an interesting nugget in its earnings call yesterday: The drug distributor expects to spend $150 million defending itself in state and national opioids lawsuits in its 2021 fiscal year, which starts next March, up from more than $100 million this year.

Between the lines: $150 million is a rounding error for McKesson, which handled $214 billion of revenue last year. But the company is essentially breaking even these days, and those legal costs could go up by billions of dollars if a settlement is reached.

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Rochester Drug Cooperative could face the first criminal opioid-related charges

In this image, white circular pills spill out of an orange pill bottle and onto a table.
Oxycodone. Photo: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

Rochester Drug Cooperative may become the first major drug distributor to face criminal charges over the opioid epidemic, the New York Times reports.

What's happening: The Southern District of New York and the Drug Enforcement Agency are wrapping up an investigation that began with an examination of potential crimes that included fraud and drug violations. It's unclear what charges would be brought against Rochester.