Matt Bevin

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin deliberately exposed his 9 kids to chickenpox

Gov. Matt Bevin. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

During a radio interview on Tuesday, Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin admitted to intentionally exposing his 9 children to chickenpox in the hope that they would catch the highly contagious infection and become immune.

Why now: As questions surrounding vaccines abound, Bevin's public remarks trailed reports of a chickenpox outbreak at a Kentucky Catholic school this week, wherein some parents, according to the Washington Post, had not vaccinated their kids. The governor — who is seeking a second term in this year’s statewide election — said Kentucky parents can vaccinate their children, but that the government shouldn't mandate. The state requires kindergarteners be vaccinated for chickenpox, but parents can cite religious exemptions or share evidence that their child already had the disease.

Kentucky's Medicaid work rules approved — again

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin swings a mallet at a campaign stop in 2014. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Trump administration last night re-approved Kentucky's proposal to add work requirements to its Medicaid program, with few changes from the original plan — even though that plan was struck down in court.

What's happened: Kentucky's initial proposal won federal approval in January. It required Medicaid recipients in the commonwealth to perform at least 80 hours of "community engagement" — work, job training or community service — per month.