The New Yorker's next cover is a throwback to the Berlin Wall

Two illustrated magazine covers, one of Trump building a brick wall at his desk and the other of the Berlin Wall with a hand reaching over the edge of it
Photo: John Cuneo, Boris Artzybasheff/The New Yorker, TIME

The cover of The New Yorker next week is "Walled In" by John Cuneo, who last year depicted President Trump enjoying a day of golf in the swamp.

Why it matters: Next week's cover nods to a magazine cover from another era — a drawing from 1962 about the Berlin Wall ("Wall of Shame") by Boris Artzybasheff for Time Magazine. When it comes to drawing Trump, I’ve kind of hit the wall myself,” Cuneo said. “Half of a face is more than enough."

Fraudulent German journalist allegedly requested donations for non-existent Syrian children

Front of Der Spiegel
Photo: The magazine launched an investigation.

German magazine Der Spiegel said it is filing a criminal complaint against former writer Claas Relotius, who admitted to falsifying reports, over his requests for donations to Syrian children, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The big picture: Der Spiegel was already facing blowback after the award-winning journalist fabricated details about Minnesota residents, painting them as bigoted and racist. The magazine launched an investigation one it found out that Relotius asked readers through email to donate money to a fake charity for children he described in his fake reports.

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