Condé Nast taps Pandora CEO Roger Lynch as next chief executive

Roger Lynch
Roger Lynch. Photo: Omar Vega/Getty Images

Pandora CEO Roger Lynch has been named the global chief executive for Condé Nast, as the publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ and the New Yorker begins to merge its U.S. and U.K. operations.

Our thought bubble, via Axios' Sara Fisher: Lynch has a history of managing companies in transition. He led Dish’s SLING TV through it’s launch — the first real digital TV “skinny bundle” in the U.S. — and Pandora through its sale process to Sirius XM last year. It was announced he would exit Pandora, along with other executives, after the sale to Sirius was final. Condé Nast, which has built up a sizable content licensing business through Condé Nast Entertainment, will benefit from Lynch’s experience in digital TV rights negotiations.

Apple unveils media strategy with fanfare but few details

Photo: Michael Short/Getty Images

Apple paraded some of Hollywood's biggest stars on stage Monday to unveil its master plan to take on the media business. But for what was supposed to be Apple's big coming-out party, the company left some basic questions unanswered.

The bottom line: Apple made it clear that in order to build a big media business, it will need to lean heavily into the billions of Apple devices already in customers' hands. But it hedged on spelling out what all of those services would look like, which ultimately softened its big pitch to take on Hollywood.