Automation is redefining the types of skills employers want

Business meeting in black and white
A business meeting in 1964. Photo: McKeown/Daily Express/Hulton via Getty Images

Some experts warn of an impending automation-fueled upending of work, and they argue that non-technical skills will become increasingly valuable as rote tasks are handed over to computers and robots.

What's happening: Automation is roiling jobs, but in a way that is redefining the skills in demand. The top five skills companies now seek, according to a LinkedIn analysis, are creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management. Their popularity outstripped more than two dozen hard skills.

Reid Hoffman apologizes for funding disinformation in Alabama special election

Reid Hoffman sitting on a stage for an event.
Reid Hoffman. Photo: Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for LinkedIn

Billionaire venture capitalist and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman apologized on Wednesday for funding a group responsible for spreading disinformation during the Alabama Senate special election last year, according to the Washington Post.

Between the lines: This is the first time Hoffman has acknowledged that he invested $750,000 in American Engagement Technologies, a group that used misleading Facebook pages and other disinformation tactics to target Republican Roy Moore and boost support for Democrat Doug Jones, who ultimately won the close race. Hoffman said in a statement that he was not aware his money was being used for these purposes and that he supports a federal investigation into the matter.

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