Mueller's strategy of silence

Special counsel Robert Mueller.
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

In an era where officials are leaking like never before, one team has consistently locked down information: special counsel Robert Mueller's office.

Why it matters: Mueller and his team have been the target of constant attacks from supporters of the president, but he has "special reason to be cautious," the New York Times reports, when even "the subtlest remark can be blown into a scandal" in the current political climate. And, his silence may be paying off — according to the Times, 55% of voters believe Mueller is "conducting a fair investigation."

Meadows claims Democrats want investigation of anonymous NYT op-ed

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows told Politico Playbook Thursday that a number of unnamed congressional Democrats have contacted his office about investigating the anonymous New York Times op-ed trashing President Trump.

The big picture: The piece, attributed to a "senior administration official," has taken Washington by storm. Meadows told Politico that the apparent bipartisan outreach came about because "what many of us do agree on is that efforts within the White House to anonymously sabotage a duly elected president is an act of cowardice and does not serve American taxpayers well."