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Hospitals are swimming in cash

A sign showing directions around the Banner University Medical Center.
Banner Health's academic medical center in Phoenix. Photo: Banner Health

The number of hospital admissions, surgeries and other medical procedures has continued to stay flat in many parts of the country, but that hasn't prevented hospitals from retaining large sums of money and hiring more people.

The big picture: America's rural hospitals are dying. But large not-for-profit hospital systems in cities and suburbs are doing extremely well as premiums rise and as patients struggle to afford their medical bills.

Baltimore's mayor resigns amid investigations into book deal scandal

Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh
Photo: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is resigning amid multiple investigations into a scandal involving the sale of her children's books, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Backdrop: The Baltimore Sun revealed earlier this year that health provider Kaiser Permanente bought $114,000 worth of Pugh's children's books at the same time it was looking to strike a deal with the city of Baltimore. Pugh was on the city's spending board when it awarded Kaiser the $48 million deal in 2017. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan asked Pugh to resign following an IRS and FBI raid of her home.