A new study says vaping is a better way to help smokers quit

Someone vaping a juul
Juul is th emost popular vaping product on the market. Photo: Eva Hambach/AFP/Getty Images

A new study shows that e-cigarettes like Juul are an effective way for smokers to quit smoking — twice as effective as other nicotine products like gum and patches, The New York Times reports.

Reality check: Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, in his crackdown on vaping products, has not challenged that contention. His complaint is entirely about Juul's appeal to non-smokers, mainly teens.

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The weirdly healthy primary market

Illustration of EGK equipment
Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

One oddness about the current market is that the meltdown in secondary markets seems to have had very little adverse effect on primary markets.

My thought bubble: Normally a market swoon of this magnitude would slam the window shut on primary deals. But all those buybacks and dividends need to get reinvested somewhere, ideally in an asset class that isn't plunging in value on a daily basis.

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