Jeff Bezos

Amazon isn't exempt from public anger toward big tech

In this image, Jeff Bezo's forehead is visible against a light yellow background. A cartoon illustration on his forehead says "return to sender."
Photo: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Silicon Valley has been shaken over the past two years by the recognition that Americans don't always believe big tech is making the world a better place. It was a tough epiphany for the leaders of companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google, who have vacillated between defensive and apologetic — working through their stages of grief.

Why it matters: Amazon wasn't paying attention.

NFL, Google and Apple expand to new cities as Amazon kills New York HQ2

In this image, only the forehead of Jeff Bezos is visible. On his forehead, a cartoon illustration that says 'return to sender' is displayed.
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Amazon's Valentine's Day decision to break-up with New York before New York broke up with it looks to be the crescendo in a major sea change involving big companies and the municipalities they would like to call home.

Between the lines: As Axios' Erica Pandey reported this week, public outcry against spending taxpayer dollars to subsidize big companies is spreading. Where the trend has been perhaps most pronounced and unexpectedly so recently has been in the NFL.

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