Bond yields are at historic lows around the world

Following the inversion of the U.S. Treasury yield curve, developed market government bond yields are all moving lower as investors seek safe havens.

What's happening: German 10-year bond yields fell below zero for the first time since 2016. Japan's 10-year yield is near -0.10, the lowest since 2016. Australia's 10-year bond yield fell to an all-time low of 1.772% and New Zealand's 10-year bond also hit its lowest level on record.

Japan's Olympic chief to step down amid corruption investigation

Tsunekazu Takeda stands in a blue suit with his arms folded and stands against a wooden wall.
Tsunekazu Takeda. Photo: Charly Triballeua/AFP/Getty Images

Japan's Olympic Committee chief Tsunekazu Takeda, who is under investigation for suspected corruption, will step down when his term ends this summer and resign from the International Olympic Committee.

Why it matters: The ongoing corruption probe has further damaged the credibility of the Olympics bidding process, and Takeda's departure leaves a dark cloud hanging over next year's Summer Games in Tokyo.

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