James Damore

James Damore's Google lawsuit will continue, despite court's doubts

In this image, Jason Damore sits in front of news microphones.
James Damore alongside attorney Harmeet Dhillon on Monday, Jan. 8, 2018. Photo: Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group via Getty Images

James Damore's infamous lawsuit against former employer Google will continue into the discovery phase, despite Damore exiting the lawsuit in 2018, the Verge reports.

Catch up quick: Damore was fired after filing a lawsuit against Google for allegedly discriminating against conservative white men. He also claimed that tech's gender gap exists in part because men are "biologically" better suited for the work — which has been contested by experts.

Google didn’t violate labor laws by firing engineer over memo

The National Labor Relations Board concluded last month that Google's firing of engineer James Damore over his infamous memo didn't violate labor laws, according to Bloomberg.

Why it matters: Damore's firing after he published a document arguing that biological gender difference could account for the lack of women in tech has been hailed as proof of Silicon Valley's intolerance for conservative viewpoints.