Jack Dorsey

Twitter considers a "clarification" feature

In this image, someone holds their phone directly up to the camera. The phone displays the blue and white Twitter logo.
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Despite calls from power users for an “edit” button, Twitter instead is considering how it could enable “clarifications” of tweets, CEO Jack Dorsey said Thursday at Goldman Sachs’ tech conference in San Francisco.

The bottom line: Twitter really, really doesn’t want to add an “edit” button. Dorsey emphasized that even the "clarification" option might never see the light of day.

Jack Dorsey defends Twitter — on Twitter

In this image, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sits in front of a dark gray wall at a conference, speaking into a microphone.
Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gives himself a "C" grade for taking "responsibility," which was one of the most specific answers he gave during a live Twitter Q&A with journalist Kara Swisher on Tuesday.

Why it matters: Twitter remains an obsession for many journalists and one resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but many users have grown deeply unhappy with the prevalence of harassment and abuse in many conversations, along with the company's seemingly inconsistent enforcement of its own community rules.

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