iPhone iOS 13 arrives

Screenshot of new operating system.
Screenshot: Apple.com

Customers have to wait another day to buy the latest iPhones, but starting Thursday they can update existing phones to the latest operating system.

Why it matters: iOS 13 won't magically add a third camera to the back of your phone, but it will deliver other features found on the latest iPhones, including dark mode, Sign in with Apple and improved maps and photos.

Apple invests another $250 million in iPhone supplier Corning

A worker at the Corning plant that makes glass for Apple iPhones
A worker at the Corning plant that makes glass for Apple iPhones. Photo: Apple

Apple said Tuesday it is awarding key supplier Corning with $250 million from the company's $5 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund, designed to invest in U.S.-based companies that make parts for the company.

Why it matters: The move aims to help Corning with the massive R&D expense of coming up with ever stronger glass to go on the outside of the iPhone, Apple Watch and other products. The latest deal comes on top of $200 million Apple put into Corning in 2017.