International trade

The mixed signals on global trade

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

As the world economy has slowed, economists are beginning to look for signs of whether it's headed toward recovery or recession.

The big picture: One of the most popular metrics is global trade, which unfortunately is flashing divergent signals.

Expert Voices

Turning Trump's trade weapons into climate tools

Reprsentative Bill Pascrel speaking at a lectern
Representative Bill Pascrell. Photo: Michael Lofenfeld/Getty Images

Representative Bill Pascrell, a Democratic member of the House Ways & Means Committee that oversees U.S. trade policy, is expected to send a letter this week to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross asking his department to investigate whether “imports of carbon emissions” pose a national security threat.

The big picture: The largely symbolic maneuver highlights a new tactic among climate hawks: treating President Trump's aggressive use of executive powers as a template for action.

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