Facebook and Instagram ban "dangerous" extremist personalities

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Facebook announced on Thursday it will ban a string of people from its platforms deemed "dangerous." The list includes Milo Yiannopoulos, Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones (and InfoWars), Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and Paul Nehlen.

Why it matters, per Axios' Sara Fischer: Facebook has for years been hesitant to outright ban these actors, due mostly to the fact that they didn't explicitly violate Facebook's loose content rules. But real-world hate crimes are putting pressure on Facebook and other platforms to crack down on pages and accounts that have repeatedly shared false information or hate speech.

Facebook takes down more pages linked to Alex Jones

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Facebook said Tuesday it has removed 22 pages tied to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Why it matters: The social giant's future is tied in part to its ability to better police its platform, even as its user base continues to grow. The Jones pages were removed under an updated "recidivism policy" that stops individuals who already violated Facebook's rules from doing so on a new set of pages. A Facebook spokesman said the pages had similar titles and admins to previous Jones-linked pages that were removed for Community Standards violations.