The world's largest spice company is using AI to create new flavors

Photo: DeAgostini/Getty

At some point in the future, when you order a pizza, you may be surprised at the taste — with odd ingredients added not by the ingenuity of the chef standing behind the counter twirling dough, but an artificial intelligence program with its own idea of a savory pie.

What's happening: McCormick, the world’s largest spice company, has begun working with IBM Research to create new spices that humans might not consider. Among its latest concoctions — the cumin pizza, says Richard Goodwin, principal research scientist at IBM.

Washington tech lobby picks new leader

Street sign for K Street in Washington, DC
Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

Jason Oxman, who has for years led a lobbying group for payment technology companies, will be the new CEO of ITI, a major tech trade group.

Why it matters: ITI's members include internet companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, as well as large enterprise technology firms. It has been especially involved in opposing the Trump administration's restrictive trade policies.

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