House Judiciary Committee

House Democrat says all Ukraine witness transcripts will be released

Rep. Jim Himes.
Jim Himes. Photo: Pete Marovich/Getty Images

Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said on ABC's "This Week" Sunday that “all transcripts” of depositions related to the impeachment inquiry into President Trump "will eventually be scrubbed for classified information and made available for the American public to see."

Why it matters: Some have criticized House Democrats investigating Trump and Ukraine for conducting all witness depositions behind closed doors and selectively leaking certain excerpts to the media. Himes explained that the depositions are private because witnesses may discuss classified information and also because it's important to prevent Trump allies who are being questioned from coordinating their testimonies.

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The process of impeachment

Diagram of the typical process for impeachment over an image of the Whitehouse
Diagram: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Although three U.S. presidents have faced impeachment, none have been removed from office. Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached, but the Senate declined to remove them from office, and Richard Nixon stepped down before the House could vote.

How it works: Below is a graphic that explains the typical procedures for impeachment and removal from office.