Hillary Clinton

Trump gives Mayor Pete a new nickname

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg
Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

President Trump compared 2020 presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg to "Alfred E. Neuman", the boy with the goofy smile and large ears featured on the cover of MAD Magazine, during a new interview with Politico on Friday.

Why it matters: This is a similar strategy to Trump's 2016 campaign antics, wherein he labeled Hillary Clinton: "Crooked Hillary." A source familiar with Trump told Politico that the president "believes that if you can encapsulate someone in a phrase or a nickname, you can own them." Trump calls former Vice President Joe Biden "Creepy," or "Sleepy Joe" and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) "Crazy Bernie."

Trump country's precarious gains

Trump country is winning again, "at least for now," according to a new Brookings Institution report that shows counties that voted for Donald Trump are adding jobs at a faster rate than Clinton counties.

Adapted from a Brookings analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data; Chart: Axios Visuals