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Wisconsin swing voters tire of Trump

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

APPLETON, Wis. — Voters who supported Barack Obama in 2012 and then Donald Trump in 2016 are sick of Trump, saying in a focus group here that they're getting tired of his "lies" and the way he treats people.

Why it matters: Trump barely won Wisconsin, where he got roughly 22,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton, and these swing voters were decisive. If he's losing them, it will be harder to win the state again with just his base supporters.

Sanders' nonprofit suspends operations amid scrutiny for lack of transparency

Photo: Win McNamee

The Sanders Institute — a Vermont-based think tank founded to advance liberal policies by 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' wife and son — will cease operations in the near-term, amid growing ethical concerns surrounding the nonprofit's fundraising and campaigning efforts, the Washington Post reports.

Flashback: The criticism comes after the 2016 election in which Sanders condemned fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the nonprofit her family operated, which, he alleged, resulted in increased power, money and influence. Though Sanders did not formally participate, the institute had secured "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in the 2 years since it was started, WaPo reports.

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