Health insurance marketplaces

Blue states' watered-down health reforms

Illustration of a pills capsule opening with state-shaped pills falling out.
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Even the most ambitious Democratic-controlled states have ended up with new health plans that are much more moderate than anything being proposed by Democratic presidential candidates — or even what was initially proposed in their states.

Why it matters: States are significantly more limited in their authority than the federal government, but the efforts of Colorado, Washington and California show just how hard massive health care disruption is.

10 states to experiment with wellness programs in their ACA markets

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Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Wellness programs that reward people for exercising or stopping smoking are common in employer plans, and soon they will be an option in individual health plan marketplaces, the Trump administration said in a bulletin yesterday.

The big picture: 10 states will get to experiment with wellness programs in their Affordable Care Act markets, and they generally have to comply with federal rules for employer wellness programs.