H-1B visa

Trump administration denied almost a third of new H-1B visas last quarter

Almost a third of new applications for the high-skilled worker H-1B visa were denied in the first quarter of this fiscal year — a higher rate than any annual H-1B denial rate in at least a decade, according to a new analysis by the National Foundation for American Policy.

Data: National Foundation for American Policy; Chart: Axios Visuals

Trump admin moving "shortly" to block H-4 visa holders from working

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

A proposal to block H-4 visa holders — the spouses of H-1B visa holders — from legally working will be published "shortly," according to a Department of Homeland Security court filing from earlier this week.

The backstory: A U.S. IT worker organization sued the Obama administration over H-4 visa work authorization, claiming that their jobs had been taken by H-1B and H-4 workers. The case continued into the Trump administration. This week, DHS asked the D.C. circuit court to drop the case because the new rule would remove work authorization for certain H-4 visa holders anyway — making the case moot.