Government spending

Surprise: One area where Congress is functioning

The Capitol dome opening up and revealing a stack of money
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Congress — which is arguably more gridlocked than ever — is actually doing a pretty decent job so far at the task that's eluded it for years: passing spending bills.

Why it matters: It might seem like a low bar, but it's better than waiting until the last minute, like Congress usually does. And passing individual spending bills, at least in theory, gives much more scrutiny to the process of deciding how federal dollars get spent than passing one giant funding bill hours before the government shuts down, as Congress is prone to do.

House Republicans reject funding for gun violence research

US Capital
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Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee blocked a proposal on Wednesday that would allocate $10 million to fund the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's gun violence research, reports Politico.

Between the lines: The party-line vote conflicts with a bipartisan agreement from earlier this year that allows the federal agency to study the issue. Previously, a 1996 measure limited the CDC's capacity to do so. But Republicans say the agency is free to study firearm injuries and argue that funding the amendment would only politicize the 2019 spending bill.