China halts team's work on genetically-edited embryos

Chinese scientist who edited embryos
Chinese scientist He Jiankui, who claims to have altered the DNA of twin babies, speaks at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images

The Chinese government stopped the work of the research team that claims to have edited and implanted embryos that resulted in a twin birth earlier this month, ordering an investigation into their work, reports the AP.

The big picture: The international scientific community has largely reacted with outrage to the Chinese team's claim, fearing the implications of such work could hinder research due to the ethical and biological quandaries surrounding gene editing.

The Moon could get its first library in 2020

Images of text etched into nickel.
Images of text etched into nickel. Photo: Arch Foundation

After shooting a copy of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy into space with Elon Musk’s roadster, a Texas-based foundation plans to fire a library to the Moon.

Big picture: The Arch Mission Foundation wants to create off-site "data backups for Earth" to preserve our culture so future humans, should they find it, can learn about our mistakes, says co-founder Nova Spivack. The non-profit plans to send microscopic images of Wikipedia and the Rosetta Project — a digital library of human languages — to the Moon in order to establish a "lunar library" there.