Generation Z

Gen Z's move toward interactive storytelling

Years ago, "choose your own adventure books" were all the rage for young millennials. Today, Gen Z has taken the concept of "choosing your own adventure," or interactive storytelling, to a whole new level.

Driving the news: A Twitter thread featuring a chose your own adventure tale about Beyonce has gone viral.

Survey: Millenials, Gen Zers comfort with LGBTQ people dips

This image shows a large Pride flag being carried down a street.
A rainbow flag is displayed during the Portland Pride Parade on June 16. Photo: Diego Diaz/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

People ages 18–34 — a mix of millennials and Gen Zers — feel less comfortable around LGBTQ people than their older counterparts, new polling from Harris Poll/GLAAD shows.

Why it matters: This age group has shown its lowest level of LGBTQ support since 2015, when GLAAD began its annual "Accelerating Acceptance" survey. GLAAD's findings also contradict the assumption that younger generations — which have grown up with legalized same-sex marriage and better LGBTQ media representation— are more accepting of LGBTQ rights than previous generations.