General Motors

Voters are bullish on electric vehicles, but there's a partisan gap

A newly released poll shows partisan differences over electric vehicles but nonetheless has bullish data for those excited about rapid expansion of what's still a niche market.

Data: Climate Nexus poll conducted April 16-17, 2019 among 1,939 registered U.S. voters; Chart: Naema Ahmed/Axios

GM cars get new brains, nervous system for self-driving EV era

GM on Monday unveiled a new electronic platform for future vehicles — essentially giving them a transplant of the brain and central nervous system — that will power advanced self-driving features and enable future software updates like smartphones.

Why it matters: As cars become more advanced, their electrical systems are rapidly reaching their limits. GM's new digital vehicle platform, with 5 times more processing speed than today's systems, will power smarter, electric vehicles that can improve over time, similar to what Tesla is already doing.