Future of Retail

Dollar stores thrive in distressed pockets of America

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

As rural America gets left behind by the rise of coastal superstar cities and the chasm between the richest and the rest widens, one entity is heavily profiting from the blight: the dollar store.

Why it matters: Economic signs point to a coming recession, and U.S. discount stores, which have boomed even in the strong recent economy, will only grow more — becoming the sole retail option for an increasing share of Americans.

"Healthy paranoia": Walmart's CEO keeps retailer rankings on his phone

Becky Quick / CNBC

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said he keeps a photo of the top 10 retailers in the United States throughout the last few decades to remind him how quickly "companies come and go" and how quickly they can fold, CNBC reports.

"After learning from so many people ... we know that retailers come and go ... Businesses grow and they don't change enough and they decline over time. Retailers do that on a bit of a faster cycle."
— Walmart CEO Doug McMillon
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