Podcast: The hypocrisy of social impact investing

Dan talks more about the financial bust within the college admissions scandal from last week with Axios chief financial correspondent Felix Salmon. Also, in the "Final Two," Dan dives into social media's New Zealand problem and why Silicon Valley may fall in love with Beto.

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Insect breeding startup Ÿnsect raises $125 million

Ÿnsect, a French startup that breeds insects to become ingredients for pet food, fish food and plant fertilizers, raised $125 million in Series C funding.

The big picture: The company claims this deal will let it build the world's largest insect farm. It's also believed to be the largest-ever round for an agricultural technology startup outside of the U.S. The specific bet here in on mealworms, which Ÿnsect argues are more nutritious than the flies bred by its competitors. Astanor Ventures led, and was joined by Bpifrance, Talis Capital, Idinvest Partners, Finasucre and Compagnie du Bois Sauvage.

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