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Trump's chyron obsession: "Rove is a dope"

An MSNBC chyron from election night
Trump's favorite TV graphics, at Hillary Clinton's Election Night HQ. Photo: Getty Images

For all his media bashing, President Trump sees the White House as the greatest show on Earth and obsesses over the staging — micromanaging his own lighting and constantly consuming the coverage of himself as if it were sports highlights.

Why it matters: We learn in a forthcoming book by campaign confidant Cliff Sims ("Team of Vipers," out Jan. 29) that this fixation extends to the chyrons — the all-caps text at the bottom of the screen.

Fox Business host calls for Trump to "sweep aside" opponents with national emergency

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said Thursday that President Trump should use his national emergency powers to "simply sweep aside the recalcitrant left in this country” as the partial government moves closer to Day 21.

Why it matters: In addition to being one of Trump's favorite cable news hosts, Lou Dobbs is also a close confidante of the president. The Daily Beast reported last year that Trump has, on several occasions, patched Dobbs into Oval Office meetings so the Fox Business host could "give his two cents" via speakerphone. Later Thursday night, Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity that he would "most likely" declare a national emergency if he couldn't strike a deal with Congress on his border wall.

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