U.S. population growth will increasingly depend on immigration

American women are having fewer babies than ever, according to recent CDC data.

Data: CDC; Chart: Axios Visuals

Between the lines: Even with low fertility rates, the overall population — along with GDP — will continue to grow until at least 2050, according to the Census projections. But this growth will increasingly rely on immigration.

Where populations are booming and shrinking

Families have been shrinking and population growth has been slowing in most nations over the past several decades, according to World Bank data.

Data: The World Bank (birth rate, population growth, population); Note: 2.1 live births per woman is replacement level fertility. Chart: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

Why it matters: Labor shortages, strained elderly care systems and slowed economic growth could all follow if birth rates remain below replacement levels for a long period of time, demographers warn.