Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Why the ticketing industry is politely begging the FTC for regulation

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Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

In the U.S. restaurant industry, tips have won. Everybody would benefit if they went away, but there's a collective action problem. So long as most restaurants collect tips, those restaurants' prices seem lower, and service-included rivals find it impossible to compete.

Ticket pricing, it turns out, works the same way. Everybody hates the "service" and "fulfillment" and other fees that get tacked on to ticket prices, but no one can afford to be the first mover.

DOJ's antitrust chief lays out Big Tech evaluation road map

The top Justice Department official in charge of antitrust on Tuesday laid out more details of how he is evaluating competition in digital markets.

Why it matters: DOJ and the Federal Trade Commission have already divided up who would have authority to examine the major tech firms for competition violations. DOJ has reportedly claimed Google and Apple.