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Romney breaks from GOP over Trump's federal judge nominee who smeared Obama

President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitt Romney
Photo: Drew Angrer, Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) broke from his fellow conservatives on Tuesday, voting against President Trump's federal judge nominee, Michael J. Truncale, after he vilified former President Obama, calling him an "un-American imposter" in 2011, reports the Washington Post.

Why it matters: Romney was the only voting senator to break from the party line and
vote against the nomination. He has been one of the more vocal Republicans to come out against the president consistently since Trump entered the White House, commenting that Trump has "not risen to the mantle of the office," and in April, saying he was "sickened" by the findings of the Mueller report.

Trump administration to begin challenging nationwide injunctions

Vice President Mike Pence
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Vice President Mike Pence said in a speech Wednesday that the Trump administration will be asking the Supreme Court to challenge the rights of federal district courts to issue nationwide injunctions.

"These orders are issued by federal district court judges on a broad range of issues — from national security to immigration, from border security to healthcare reform. [They] prevent the entire Executive Branch from enforcing a statute, a regulation, or a policy on a nationwide basis. And they apply everywhere, to everyone, granting relief even to those who are not parties to a case."
— Pence in a speech at the Federalist Society