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Pew: More Republicans than Democrats support expanding presidential power

The president's podium
The president's podium. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

26% of Americans agree that presidents could more effectively address the country's problems if they did not have to worry about Congress or the courts, a Pew poll found. Of the 26%, a simple majority identified as Republican.

Why it matters: The share of Republicans who believe presidents could be more effective if they did not have to consider the other branches of government has increased 16 percentage points since last year, from 27% to 43%.

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Ukraine scandal deepens crisis roiling State Department

Mike Pompeo speaking at a lectern in front of an American flag
Secretary Pompeo. Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

In the wake of revelations about President Trump's shadow Ukraine diplomacy, the State Department has found itself in arguably its worst internal crisis since the Red Scare purges of the McCarthy era.

Why it matters: Like the military, the U.S. diplomatic corps is meant to do its work apart from the partisan political fray of Washington. But evidence suggests the Trump administration has interfered with that mission, circumventing career officials in the process, to pursue personal business interests and political aims.