Fast food

S&P warns of trouble cooking in the restaurant sector

Stacked empty pizza boxes
Photo: Jack Culbertson/Getty Images

U.S. restaurants have been a beacon of hope in the moribund brick-and-mortar retail picture, but they now face trouble of their own, analysts at ratings agency S&P Global warn.

What's happening: "Already, cracks are showing across our rated restaurant universe," Diya G. Iyer, S&P's primary credit analyst, wrote in a note to clients Tuesday. Iyer worries rising wages and increasing delivery costs will weigh on fast food restaurants while changing millennial dining preferences will hurt casual dining.

The Impossible Whopper arrives in the Bay Area

Impossible Foods is dramatically expanding its Bay Area presence Monday with 111 Burger King restaurants in the greater San Francisco Bay Area beginning to offer a Whopper using the meat alternative.

The big picture: It's part of a rolling introduction of the Impossible Whopper as the Redwood City, Calif.-based company aims to expand to Burger Kings nationwide by the end of the year, without leaving its current restaurant customers short.